Agronomy - Soil Sampling

Provision Partners Cooperative is our source for custom soil sampling to maximize yields to best suit your needs

ProVision Partners Cooperative can offer custom soil sampling and provide suggestions to maximize your yields to best suit your needs. We offer conventional and grid sampling to get suitable representation of how your field is laid out and use prescription mapping to aid in applying needed nutrients.

To get the most out of your soil samples our agronomists take the time to ensure quality sampling by using the right tools, sampling at the right time, in the right areas, at the correct depth and carefully packaging and labeling each sample.

At ProVision Partners we offer grid sampling using GPS equipment to measure field size. Our agronomists can analyze the soil types present in your field and recommend the best ways in providing plant food and manure application to get consistent yields on your fields. Grid sampling also provides results of soil fertility, field variability in pH values and nutrient differences and what we can do to make your field more productive.

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