Energy - Electronic Tank Monitoring

ProVision Partners Co-op - Electronic Tank Monitoring

Whether it is for Agricultural, Commercial or Residential, ProVision Partners Cooperative has the capabilities for you to check your supplies electronically at your convenience. With the automated delivery system from us, supply management has never been easier. The automated fuel delivery system helps you stay on top of your fuel supply.

Automated Inventory Monitoring and Proven Delivery Technology for Inventory Management

Have you ever discovered that your fuel tank is low – right in the middle of the busy season? Or, that your lubricants or propane products are gone, right when you need them most? Or, do you have multiple petroleum products at various locations?

Now you have the ability to manage inventories, control your usage, and order before you deplete the last of the inventory, all at the ease of your finger tips. Electronic Tank Monitoring is the best choice. Your Cenex retailer automatically delivers the needed petroleum products to your storage tanks and that helps you stay on top of your fuel, lubricants and propane supply.

Electronic Tank Monitoring for Homeowners

On a cold winter night the last thing you want to think about is whether you have enough fuel oil or propane to heat your home. Relax. Your Cenex retailer can provide peace of mind on those cold winter nights. The automated delivery system ensures your home heating system will have the product it needs to keep your home warm.

Here's How it Works:

ProVision Partners Cooperative will install an electronic monitor in your bulk fuel or propane tank(s). The monitor records your tank volume periodically throughout the day and sends a radio signal to a controller located in a sheltered location (such as a house, shed, or outbuilding where a phone line and power are accessible). When your tank's level falls below a predetermined level, an order is automatically generated for fuel delivery.


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