Grain storage and marketing

ProVision Partners Cooperative is more than just a place to market and store your grain. We partner with you through the planning, planting, harvesting and marketing stages of your crop production. We work hard to accommodate your crop production and harvest schedules with our dedicated employees at our grain facilities located in Auburndale, Stratford and Hixton.

ProVision Partners is a state licensed grain dealer, where your interests are protected through annual grain audits by the state of Wisconsin-ensuring you peace of mind. We have several grain marketing programs and services to help you market your grain profitability, as well as a reliable transportation system to assist in the convenient hauling of your grain from your field/farm to the elevator.

Commodities that we handle include:

ProVision Partners Cooperative cannot accept treated soybeans at any of our facilities

Cash Grain Bids


Grain Services

Our Grain services include:

  • Grain drying
  • Over 4.5 million bushels of permanent grain storage
  • Grain bank for feed use
  • Trucking and on-farm pick up
  • Brokerage services through CHS Hedging
  • Numerous contracting options
  • Online and cell phone text messaging of grain prices

Make ProVision Partners Cooperative's Grain Division your "one stop shop" for grain marketing today.

Contact Us today at 715-687-4683.


ProVision Partners offers a wide variety of grain transportation, storage and marketing options, each tailored to suit your unique needs.

We can offer you unparalleled reliability when it comes to your grain transportation needs. We have a fleet of vehicles ready and waiting to get your grain to market when you need it! Ask us about:

  • On-Farm pick-up services
  • Long-haul grain transport needs


Grain and commodity contracting

Understanding the grain markets and how to recognize opportunity is important. Although making the right decisions can be difficult, our team at ProVision Partners is here to give you the facts you need to help obtain maximum profitability.

We offer brokerage service through CHS Hedging to help you with your brokerage account and assist you with your marketing needs. Whether you are a grain, dairy, beef, or swine operation, a hedging account can help you in your risk management needs.

We provide grain marketing programs and services that producers need and want with a wide variety of contracts to accommodate producers in marketing their grain profitably.


  • Cash bids
  • Basis Contracts
  • Future Contracts (1,000 bushel minimum)
  • Compass Contracts (No minimum)
  • Futures Only Contracts (1,000 bushel minimum)

Grain Bins

ProVision Partners proudly sells Sioux grain bins. Contact Jeff at the Humbird office at 715-964-2411.

Grain Locations

ProVision Partners Cooperative has three full service grain facilities with a total storage capacity of over 4.5 million million bushels.


The Auburndale facility is conveniently located on the corner of US Highway 10 and County Hwy K in Auburndale. Construction of this grain site began in 2012 with a 250,000 bushel bin and a truck scale. In 2013 a 520,000 bushel bin, a 67,000 bushel wet bin and a grain dryer were added. With the addition of our outbound scale in 2016 it has eased the flow of truck traffic during the busy harvest seasons. In 2017 another 520,000 bushel bin was added and again in 2018 we added a 550,000 bushel bin, bringing the total storage capacity at this site to 1.9 million bushels. The site is located on the Canadian National (CN) railroad and in 2018 we upgrade the rail spur, which provides easy access to rail markets.

10391 County Hwy K
Auburndale, WI 54412
After Hours: 715-652-8008

Auburndale West

In 2016 ProVision purchased a grain handling complex on the corners of County Highway P, State Highway 186, and US Highway 10 in Auburndale. This facility has smaller bins for small grain storage with a total capacity of 300,000 bushels. It also gives of flexible of drying soybeans when needed and serves as an overflow facility for the main Auburndale site.


With the merger of Federation Cooperative in 2019, ProVision Partners Cooperative gained a full service grain site in Hixton. In 2019 after the merger, we added a 50,000 wet bin and in the fall on 2020 we added a 500,000 bushel bin and a second dryer to double the drying capacity to 4000 bph. Total storage capacity of this site is 1.4 million bushels for corn, soybeans, and other small grains.

70 State Rd,
Hixton, WI 54635


The Stratford facility is located just east of the corner of Highway 97 and Highway 153 in Stratford. Construction at this site began in the late 90's right behind our feed milling operation and has grown to a storage capacity of over 800,000 bushels, which includes a grain dryer. With bin sizes ranging from 25,000 to 160,000 bushels our Stratford location gives us the flexibility to store various grains.

212821 Legion St
Stratford, WI 54484


With the merger of Scenic Valley Cooperative in 2022, ProVision Partners Cooperative acquired a full-service grain site in Seymour, WI. Total storage capacity of this site is around 700,000 bushels for corn and soybeans.

354 Morrow St
Seymour, WI 54165
Tel: 920-833-6151
Fax: (920) 833 7332


Regular grain elevator hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. During harvest, hours may be extended based upon seasonal demand. For extended daily hours please contact the location. For weekend grain deliveries, please contact location personnel the Friday prior for up to date information. ProVision Partners also works with River Country Cooperative in Dorchester to handle corn and soybean storage.